What is spirituality?

A bohemian perspective

Have you ever wondered what prompts us to experience a serene calmness in our minds and hearts? Simple acts of Compassion, Kindness, and undying love towards one another. These sentiments directly govern our everyday life.

With every act we offer to the world, we also attain a reciprocal fulfillment towards the insight of a greater purpose.
When we are one with ourselves we remain elevated beyond the societal boundaries and rules that define our existence, we feel a divine presence embracing our spirit.

The Sacred Spirit
The Sacred Spirit

Spirituality is the awakening of your mind into a higher conscience and connects beyond the earthly realm of humankind.

Attitudes of the Spirit

Spirituality is directly associated with the fundamental attitudes of an individual. The very sentiment of earthly wants, and desires in any human being creates a hindrance towards his spiritual revival. To completely experience a spiritual and conscious awakening we need to be self-sufficient in our wants and accept the truth that we do not lack anything, be it sensory, physical, monetary, or emotional.

Every sentiment we express in our daily life, whether we receive or give, is only complete if it is genuine and emerges right from the core of our spirit.
Once this profound state slowly starts to resonate in our life, every day, spreading within the emptiness in us, we manage to become unwavering towards any noise around us. We gradually adapt this emotion as our natural true self and we experience a higher level of intellectual conscience within our thoughts

So what does “Spirit” signify

Some say spirit means “breath” because of the literal Latin meaning “Spiritus” as the breath of GOD is what caused life on this planet. While others relate it to the “soul”.
Well, they all stand valid, in-a-way. But more importantly, we must understand that Spirituality implies harmony between our body, mind, and soul and its connection with the universe. It is the exchange of our breath into the cosmos with every exhale and drawing the cosmos back into us with every inhale, thus becoming one with it.

The spiritual life is to mature oneself toward the root of consciousness, into a complete state of mindfulness. It is a journey that keeps unfolding its magnitude the deeper you venture into it. A journey to a point between mystical fascination and transcendental existence, resulting in an undeniable relationship with the Universal Spirit of truth.

The Spiritually Awake

Spirituality has however been eroded with many contrasting views and information declared across ages. Today spirituality is more of a political conquest than that of enlightenment.
The Spiritually awake walk their life on a higher and nobler dimension. They feel an unfathomable connect with the cosmic energy. A greater demarcation within themselves for everything that has a positive or negative effect.

This state has been explained in many religious books of old as Salvation or the eternal consciousness. The state where the body becomes just a vessel and the spirit is driven not by the mind, but by the energy of virtuous mindfulness.

Virtue of Spirituality

Leading a spiritual life drives oneself into a positive path to life. Such a life paves the way to a positive mindset.

As the saying goes “Spirituality creates an ideal person out of a negative thinker.” In the realm of Spirituality, negativity doesn’t exist. One of the most profound virtues of spirituality is understanding the supreme energy of GOD and his Godliness.
It helps us realize that GOD dwells in every sentient creature, inside their soul, controlling the spirit to righteousness and engulfing the soul in an everlasting fountain of life.
Spirituality enlightens a human to endure the true purpose of life.
Even the most pious doesn’t fundamentally imply spiritual as there is a broad disparity in being Spiritual and being religious. Religion has boundaries while the soul remains boundless.
Every Spiritually conscious soul holds a defined and clear path in life. They grow unwavering to accomplish their goal and approach their destiny

Sentient life is measured in time, but a spirit… a spirit is timeless.
I welcome you to join me on a journey of transcendental transformation, from being a mere human with carnal desires to a conscious sacred spirit.

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